Toilet Bowl Cleaner Sheets - Citrus Fragrance

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We've taken the active ingredients from your favorite toilet bowl cleaner, dehydrated them, and infused them into thin, space-saving sheets. The result? A game-changing toilet cleaner that's not only effective but also kind to our planet.



-  Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste: By doing away with single use plastic bottles, our ultra-concentrated dehydrated sheets drastically reduce plastic usage which means less plastic waste in landfills. 


-  Ultra Concentrated: Formulated to tackle dirty stains, mineral deposits, grime, and odors. Independently tested to perform alongside major brands in ensuring a spotless and fresh-smelling toilet bowl every time.


-  Safe to Use: Made without Parabens, Phosphates, Ammonia, VOCs, Chlorine Bleach or Phthalates


-  Save Space: Compact and easy to store, our sheets free up valuable space in your cleaning cupboard.


-  Cost-competitive: Our sheets cost $0.49 per clean compared to $0.83-$3.08 using tablet toilet cleaners or $0.10-$0.21 using liquid detergents.




- 20 sheets = 20 washes. A consistent, effective clean every time, with no back splash!


- Scent: Citrus


- Ideal for: Routine Toilet Cleaning


- Vegan and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free


- Comes in a resealable zero-waste Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified compostable packaging.


- L 21 cm x W 17 cm


- 3-year shelf life



1. Drop a sheet into the bowl.


2. Using a toilet brush, stir and scrub it around until it dissolves.


3. Leave for 5 minutes, then flush away for a clean and fresh bowl. 


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They keep deleting my comment.... Nasty smelling, smell like cardboard boxes. Even makes my clothes smell like a cardboard box. Quit deleting my review. You should want honest reviews!

Vic Steagall
Great Product!!

An AMAZING alternative to bleach for your toilet bowl! Healthier, safer, and cleaner ingredients.